Whether working as a solo artist, writing for Safetalk, Rosa Ama or performing with The Future Sound Of London's psych electronica act Amorphous Androgynous, David Harks has made a name for himself with his playful mix of psychedelic, soul and mature focused pop sensibility.

Contributing as an artist to labels including Kitsuné, Claremont 56, Boogie Angst, Splinter.fr and Eskimo Recordings, remixed and produced by 40 Thieves, Larry Heard, Feiertag, G. Jnr, David's instantly recognisable, soulful voice and restless inquisitive spirit allows him to skip between world's effortlessly, the song always remains the same.


Listentosafetalk Records proudly releases the third Installment of Safetalks 2019 trilogy of singles with the curious Creatures.

Following in the footsteps of I Know and Layback - candle lit Creatures refrains from the steeped shimmering productions of its 2019 predecessors.

A smooth pallet of classic french induced drum repetition, our story continues on with Safetalks defiance, honestly embracing the darkness that hides within us all. “Never Gonna Let the Creatures” - an ode to the demands of the neurosis within us - as the hyper channels reach ever further toward the keys of listeners extendedly long fingers deep inside the digital web - always watching, curations curtailed through an ever presence of censorship.

The “Digital dark age is upon us” Safetalk preach and yet Creatures manages to light a candle in the darkness to lead the way, a sombre lament from Safetalk. Somehow seeking refuge to comfort themselves in the shadowed passages of castles long forgotten in the history of time, irreverent rock it is.

Safetalk sound pallet on this single stands to repent, a monastic deliverance set to acoustic guitars, surreal child like echoes, post psych influences, and dubbed mysteries plucked through digital bass dysphoria. One might say a true combination of franco - anglitarian infused pop that heralds 60s inspiration, elements of Canterbury folk laments darned with an electro Grecian Domo - Aphrodites Childs...666.

On October 30th 2019, Rosa Ama return with their multifaceted double single “Ethers.” Collectively presented as two separate singles, the Ethers release features both a ‘Day Version’ and ‘Night Version’ of the Rosa Ama song. Both songs will be available on Casablanca Sunset Records as the follow up to Rosa Ama’s debut single “Oku” which was released earlier in July via French label imprint Kitsuné.
Rosa Ama a collaboration between Berlin-based British songwriter David Harks and Belgian composer Vicente Milioto da Palma aka Vhyce. Both David Harks and Vhyce formed the studio-based project as an outlet to explore the sounds of classic uplifting soulful house, contemporary disco and electronica. David and Vicente combine their magical sense of lyricism, lo-fi synthesis, hypnotic grooves and harmonic intuition into a gloriously unique style that sits between worlds of electronic production and adult contemporary palatability building on multiple genres to elevate listeners imaginations.


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