David Harks has made a name for himself with his playful mix of psychedelic, soul and mature focused pop sensibility.

Contributing as an artist to labels including Leng, Kitsuné, Claremont 56, Boogie Angst, Splinter.fr and Eskimo Recordings, remixed and produced by 40 Thieves, Larry Heard, Feiertag, NTEIBINT, Rheinzand, the Emporer Machine and more..David's instantly recognisable, soulful voice and restless inquisitive spirit allows him to skip between world's effortlessly, the song always remains the same.

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Safetalk - Worldtalk Out Now On Listen To Safetalk Records, all Proceeds from direct download sales got to the Chernobyl Children's Charity to support kids affected by Covid.

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Rosa Ama - Lost on the People 

Collaborative duo Rosa Ama are back with their third single “Lost on the People” out April 29th via Casablanca Sunset Records.

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Space Whisper - Lamps of Winter 

A journey throughout the passages of dual monophonic discovery, lead in parallel by the MS20 Synthesiser and the charmed MiniBrute. 

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David Harks Debut on Leng

"Susta" Harks & Mudd - Out Now on Leng Records.

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Releases and Collaborations

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